Jeans Kings: The StrongMan – Murdered Cynthia, UniLag Yahoo Boys & Why You Must Read Jeans Kings: The StrongMan Story


Pretty Cynthia flew first class to Lagos, lured uptown for a supposed business deal by alleged UniLag-based fraudsters or Yahoo boys, lodged in a hotel but ultimately killed over unpaid ransom they demanded before her release. These killers were her friends from Facebook – a new beehive for the radically-adaptive Nigerian 419ers who have massively begun to prey upon the local population as, due to security measures, it becomes increasingly difficult succeeding with foreigners in their game. And yes, it is a game, a frat game as these guys belong to serious cliques who have turned the University of Lagos frat scene into fraud cliques. And several UniLag youths I can confirm, with many more joining by the hour, hungry for the fast lane, play the game to die! All of it – the frat game fraudsters, the pretty and sexy girls, the UniLag scenery and environment, the gunfights, the envy, and their enemies the real young, godly entrepreneurs with the wealth, as well as how any youth can become wealthy without becoming a thief – is superbly and boldly captured in the forth-coming “Jeans Kings: The StrongMan” book trilogy.

The first of the JK story is titled “Jeans Kings: The StrongMan Original-100 Fraternal Enterprise CEOs.” Based on the mission to make youths strong – transforming young adults from dependency to godly liberty and enterprise – it is about a young-adult named Jeans. As the game begins, Jeans is cool, calm and collected, and minds his businesses almost to the extreme. Connected persons – members of a more secretive, most fearsome fraternity on campus plan to and beat him up, constantly, because of a girl, because they can, and because he doesn’t fight back, or can’t fight back. But little do they know they are messing with the most dangerous smooth-as-silk strongman – only because he’s ultimately secretive about it. And in just 24 hours, it all explodes, and all hell is let loose, as it all goes down on campus and neighborhood … in excess!

Jeans aka Igwe, a priest king, is a faithful young student-entrepreneur, loving God and creating great wealth by running several legitimate business ventures along with like-minded core peers. He doesn’t mess with girls and loves just an extremely pretty and intelligent one who is really worth it. But some people will always get envious of such truly royal persons like Jeans and friends …
However, a femme fatale is involved …


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