Joseph vs Moses, Paul vs Martin Luther, Puritans vs Christ

The first took the true church into the world empire of its time, the second brought the true church out of the world empire of its time.

Egypt was the leading nation of the period and was heading to becoming a dominant world empire.
JOSEPH, 11th and favorite child of his father Jacob/Israel in the land of Canaan had a “coat of many colors” given him by his father. He had dreams of being the head, and tribes bowing to him, including the Sun and the Moon. He was going to be a Star. He shared his vision with everyone. Next thing, brotherly plots almost cost him his life but lands him in slavery. It was just God’s way of getting him to Egypt where otherwise he would never have gone. To cut a familiar long story short, he arrived Egypt a slave but rose to become leader with time, and bringing the entire Israeli clan with him into an exalted position in the empire! Time passed and this figurative true church clan fell/descended from their exalted position into slavery/servitude in the empire. That was destiny.
MOSES, born into slavery but raised a prince in Egypt, had only one purpose and destiny that was responsible for the way he was born and raised – to act as priest king between God and the Israeli nation and lead them out of slavery into liberty. But no one told him this; he had to go through life and discover this himself!


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