Joseph vs Paul vs Puritans and Moses vs Martin Luther vs Christ

Joseph and Paul led the necessary journey that was to trap the church inside the belly of the Beast. Moses and Martin Luther led the church out of the belly of the Beast by causing the Beast to throw up, or vomit, the church it had swallowed/imprisoned. Both in and out actions were spirit-guided by God.

This is a spirit-guided look at the past to determine how the 7th and final Beast will attempt to swallow up the church and how the church will be rescued by Christ

In the earthly church, God guided Joseph to lead Israel to Egypt where, as time passed, it became enslaved and almost decimated with the continuous killing of its male children. Then God raised Moses to become one of the princes of Egypt and then lead Israel, after a series of ten plagues, out of bondage, and across the seas, destroying the army of the Beast, to form a new nation. Then this nation, after choosing a monarch system, were defeated and taken into exile in several gentile nations, become the Dispersion or diaspora Jews, because they killed the prophets and became proud.

In the spiritual church, in spirit and truth congrgation, God guided Paul, in search of the Jews of the Dispersion or Diaspora, to lead the church into the gentile nations, then ruled by the Beast of Rome. There, via manipulations of Constantine, Emperor of Rome, the church was enticed and then swallowed up by this Beast and almost snuffed out with its continuous martyrdom of those who still carried the light by resisting the Mystery religious acts of the Empire that held the church in bondage. In due course of time, God raised Martin Luther, the temporal stone cut by divine hands, to lead the church out of the belly of Rome.

But the church, after opposition refused to abate, fled across the seas to found a new nation in the Americas, called the USA, with religious and republican liberties. This move was led by the Puritans but along the line the Masons infiltrate their ranks, and secretly began a scheme that will ultimately result in the enslavement of the church again and in the new attempt to decimate the church by the Jewish led Masonic one world order Beast, Christ must have to return to lead the church, after a series of plagues spiritually similar to those in Egypt, out of bondage and destroy the army of the Beast!

The name Israel means “He struggles with God” and the Israelis at the head of the Beast will prove this when the Beast enters into a final battle for the church and earth with Christ, and it is then they will come to realise that Christ, whom they crucified, is truly the prophesied Messiah they had been waiting for but didn’t see! And … They’ve been struggling with God!

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