Life before death, Life after death!


Following upon the conclusion of the first fiction writing on immortality, life after death and the hereafter titled “Immortality: London Bridge Is Falling Down” which has looked at the religion, culture, people of Africa (tradition) view and beliefs on the subject of immortality, I’m embarking upon research work for the second part, taking a bold new look at the religion, culture and people of Africa’s views and beliefs on this same subject of immortality, life after death and the hereafter but in the light of the first book. This theological project, which I really hope will feed into a global project for which I’m proposing to, will delve into a modern, present day lifestyle of Africans and how their decisions, actions and reactions are and will be shaped by the absence or presence of belief in immortality. It is also, to consider how the mix of African Religious tradition, Roman Catholicism, Protestant Christianity, Islam and the minor religions in this part influences the lifestyle and revolutionary tendencies of the modern African in the light of present and future world realities and events.

Immortality: A Jewish Viewpoint
A critical work in the Immortality Series, due to the extent of its influence, is titled “Immortality: Old Roger Is Dead” and a fellowship will play a major part in its research work. Using the same line of reasoning, questioning and fictionalized-true-story storytelling as applied in the first project, this fellowship research will look at the counter-culturing of the Western versus the Jewish methodology of solving a particular seemingly spiritual/mental issue afflicting a profiled personality but which then twists into life-after-death realities. It will be a major work in my seven-to-ten part series on immortality due to the fact that the Jewish culture fed major world religions: Judaism, Christianity, Romanism, Protestant/Pentecostal Christianity and Islam.

I’m really excited!


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