Making A Mess of Immortality: Between Blatter, Ronaldo, Messi and Winning the Ballon d’Or


by Jeans King Igwe, author of “Immortality: London Bridge Is Falling Down”
@JeansKings http://JeansKings”

Four World Footballer of the Year awards in a row! God have mercy! An
immortal Messi! You just cannot take anything away from Messi. He’s a
most prodigious footballing talent with an attitude to love that draws
many, affectionately, towards him. You can’t but just love the gifted
father of Thiago and his low key cool mien. It is no mean feat, one
deserving to be immortalized in our memory and history, for one person
to be voted as and so dominate the best player in the world award for
four years, and it is almost superhuman and immortal for that same
person to achieve this feat consecutively in a global sports filled
with talents from all over the world. This practically dwarfs every
other talent, in every part of the world, for four good years,
including his closest rival in this age, time and space – Cristiano
Ronaldo, otherwise known as CR7, with a huge ego and Adam’s Apple to

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the very best footballers on the planet at
the moment, and this fact is known to many both old and young. It is
such an unlucky thing, it seems, for him and for all other talents of
football for that matter, to appear on the stage at the same time
lion-hearted and god-like Lionel Messi is gracing the same stage with
amazing record-breaking performances all year round for four years in
a row that we are forced to ask, “Is he even human? Is he a man, a
Superman or a god? Is he mortal or immortal?” Ronaldo was for long the
most expensive player in the world until one Gareth Bale decided to
join him at Real Madrid’s unending/never-ending Galaticos project as
well as at the top of the footballing food chain. Outshone for years
by a rival club Barcelona’s player, especially in the heated contest
for world best footballer of the year, Ronaldo is also now eclipsed in
player purchase value by his very own team mate! You’ve just got to
feel sorry for him. To be in the shadow, and in the midst of the
immortalization, of one Lionel Messi ast the greatest footballer to
ever live! And now this?
Almost. Because Josep Sepp Blatter’s comment these past weeks
concerning both Ronaldo and Messi has actually thrown open the floor
for debate as to whether Messi actually bested Ronaldo by fair and
square means as we are made to believe or the process, including
voting, has always being skewed or tampered with or manipulated to
throw up Messi as winner everytime, the footballing powers-that-be
determined to create immortality, by every means necessary, for Messi,
maybe even as a counter-challenge to Maradona who is not the loved-one
at FiFA, unlike Pele. Blatter publicly voiced his unalloyed preference
for Messi over Ronaldo and at a time the long-list for the Ballon d’Or
has just been released. We all know how powerful, in footballing
circles and beyond, the president of FIFA, currently Blatter, is. What
we do not know is where and to what extent he has utilized that power
in FIFA’s voting systems. What if he has directly manipulated votes
cast, or has, subtly of course, influenced voters to choose Messi over
Ronaldo? At FIFA, accusations of vote-tampering and corruption are
rife! And now Blatter’s comment pours fuel to the fire, throwing up
more questions such as: “Did Messi actually best Ronaldo for the World
best player these past years every single time? Fairly? Squarely? Are
you sure? A hundred percent sure? Can you stake your life on it? Who wins this time?


2 thoughts on “Making A Mess of Immortality: Between Blatter, Ronaldo, Messi and Winning the Ballon d’Or

  1. Ben really! I believe he’s positioned to do so, especially with this 9-day extension to voting, perfectly tailored just for shy Ronny! (And of course he had to “deal with” Sweden within this opening. Great!

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