For business: The Altar Adlar Company


For the “Writer of Light”: JeansKings Igwe Ogbukah

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War, and all its many battles, for the minds of people, and not necessarily their bodies, are the most dangerous of all wars. It has been going on since the beginning of time. “Altar to Alter” representing God’s altar useful for altering mindset and mind programs and transforming to royalty, from dependency to enterprise, from subjection to liberty

I represent:
Activation. Renewals. Transformations. Revolutions. Metamorphoses. Alternative Royalty. Enterprises. Imagination.

Purpose. Vision. Mission. Goals.
JeansKings, FaithWorks, DealMaker, Author, Entrepreneur

It’s the Drive Machine for Achieving Great Enterprise & Accomplishing Great Deeds and Deals, Discovering Great Talents, By God! Do You Want JeansKings to Work Out Something for You?*fly**music* *gift*

FaithWorks – In God’s Service, Work In His Universal Project In All That Is Done for Faith Without Works Is Dead! Do You Want To Join In His Project?*fly**music* *gift*

Entrepreneur – Own A Company, Do Partnerships & Collabos, Help Set Up Company, Support Its Management, By God. Do you Want To Set Up Your Own Company? *fly**music* *gift*

Author – Write Books and Blogs, Create Stories, Show Transformations, By God! Do You Want A story To Transform Your Life?*fly**music* *gift*=-c

DealMaker – Make Deals Happen, By God! Do You Want A Million Dollar Deal For A Start?*fly**music* *gift*
Content and material is written inhouse, except where otherwise indicated. All contributions are acknowledged and credited. Most pictures are sourced from personal collections and from friends. A few others have been obtained from the internet.


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