Almost all things are by spiritual law purged with blood. A strongman must sacrifice blood.
But how do we differentiate strongman for Good with good wealth transfer and a strongman for Evil with evil wealth transfer?
The Evil ones do not believe in Christ and still sacrifice animal and human blood to purge and to get wealth and to gain victory.
The Good ones do believe in Christ and present his purest blood and body to God via the Passover/Communion whenever there is need to achieve victory and wealth and one remembers King Jesus Christ.

The Mind War
The War, and all its many battles, is for the minds and spirits of people, and not necessarily their bodies, though this happens too. The StrongMan, and the other JK stories, is basically a representation or symbolization, of this mind or knowledge war.
To put on the whole war armor of God is not to take up physical weapons as it is in basics not against flesh and blood, and the strongmen for Evil are winning this war with the prevalence of their siege via music and movies and books for whose messages the world’s mind is absorbing, making Lucifer prevalent. How many persons have each strongman of Good changed their mindset for real?

They tell the world, and put in the people of the world’s mind: “you have to serve satan to get wealth, and sacrifice animal and human blood to several gods (demons, principality and powers) and to Lucifer.”
The other tells the world: “you have to serve God to get wealth, for he gives you power to get wealth and sacrifice the blood and body of Christ only to God.”

Their message is Lucifer’s kingdom on earth, bringing the wickedness of the world upon people’s heads or mind.
The other side’s message is God’s kingdom on earth, with Christ at the head.

The Unseen Spiritual War
The demons have set up base and camp and formed a siege around the earth and the world after they fell from heaven, and their human worshipers have almost colonized the entire earth’s wealth systems by their help and influence.
The angels of God, coming from their Heaven’s base, have to beat a path through their siege to get aid to the rebels within the territory and with the use of the name of Jesus Christ, these rebels break through demonic encampment to claim some wealth.

For now, they are winning, as they have the human governments on their side and have formed global occult brotherhoods to prosecute this war, to corner the wealth of the world and to bind the world’s riches to themselves, sometimes by deceit and corruption, most times by coercion, which they save up in foundations and false balance sheets and corporate entities. (A rich man, the eye of the needle and the government-backed powers that be: Let them force a poor man to choose now to join their cause and also worship satan or lose all his money, and he will likely conscientiously refuse to worship satan, considering he doesn’t have much money to lose, maybe just his freedom. But let them tell a rich man to join this cause and worship satan or lose all his money and he will instantly bow to satan so as not to lose his money via tax raids, agencies like the FBI raids, corruption allegations and charges, and other false charges which the government can conjure up against anyone. If the rich man refuses to join, and loses everything, he often goes crawling and begging to join before all charges are quashed and his money returned. But when he gives his money away, they have little or nothing to hold him by.) Since they have the world, this places the other side as rebels within their system – in the world but not of the world, spreading Christ’s love.

We grant access to our mind via the music and audio we listen to, the films, music videos and tv programs we watch, the books and other text content we read, the games, computer and videogames we play, the social media and social circle we are connected to, the friends, mates and peers we interact with, the thoughts and imagination and visualization we allow take root, the words from people’s mouth our mind is bombarded with.

For all of these, we watch out critically for what message they carry and reject or accept the message and/or its carrier carefully. It’s a war for possession or access to our mind!

An American father continuously listened to the songs of a famous rapper and next thing you know, he fatally shot his wife and kids and reported that demons told him to do it. The lyrics of the rapper’s song talk about him fantasizing about killing his family.
A young nubile teen loves a celebrated female music star so much so that she imitates her and has now officially become a whore after having slept with over 60 men most of whom she met online when her own mother had slept with only 6 men her entire life, as the message in the music star’s songs and lyrics pushes young girls to become whores in practice.

For the strongmen of Evil and the strongmen of Good are duelling to gain deeper and tighter access to our mind and spread more insidious messages via their contents while blocking out the other. We choose which side we allow in, based on what these messages cause us to do over time: Their message is Lucifer’s kingdom on earth, bringing the wickedness of the world upon subscribing heads/mind, causing many to become corrupted, violent, godless, sex freaks, selfish, loveless, heartless, unthinking, money-motivated, money-worshipers and money-driven (persons who will do anything for money), and basically pleasure lovers – the message of Darkness disguised as Light.
But the message of the few is God’s kingdom on earth, with Christ at the head, causing people to add true love to all their acts.

The strongmen for evil – music stars, movie stars, book stars, sports stars – are the prophets of the order planners, the one world builders who are the rich financial, capitalist and old royalty powers of the world (rich because of having systematically gathered resources of the world meant for all of the world and thereby making themselves rich and the rest of the world poor) interested in building a new Roman empire (Roman Reloaded with all the best and prime attributes of all 7 empires or beasts so that it can never fall from power) in which they control the world. Their rival for the masses loyalty in this is not the nations but religion so they plan to destroy religion. They start by uniting under the Roman woman all religions that believe in the trinity or agree to worship on Sundays and making it a World Church – a false church to chain believers in falsehood and Darkness at the same time they are consolidating their one world government. Then they destroy all others. Out of jealousy because the people will still be more loyal to the pope than to the empire’s leadership or their national leaders, they will then destroy the World Church in order to institute emperor worship – the masses worshiping their leaders. All of these will come in stages, one stage of the plan following the other as outlined above.

But this is actually satan’s grand plot, a grandstand against God, directly influencing the empire leaders. It is to snuff out God’s people, rebels in the system. Some true Christians will join the world church but the majority of true faithfuls won’t. Satan will use the world church to persecute and martyr them, and after the world Church is destroyed, and emperor worship as it was in old Rome as well as Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon is set up (this One World project combines Old Rome, Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon and Nimrod’s Babylon), the emperor’s look-alike image inhabited by demons to be worshiped exactly like that of nebuchadnezzar will be set up and all who do not bow to it at the given time will only be the hidden true Christians or rebels to the system and will be arrested to be killed like Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego or spied on and dumped into lion’s den like Daniel. But God will intervene here (after many faithfuls have been murdered) as Christ appears on earth over the mount of Olives but satan will instantly marshal by influence the emperor’s already assembled global army and war machine to war with the appearing “aliens” as Christ and his angels has been so tagged, misrepresented and put into the world’s mindset via films and more.
These prophets of the order – music stars, actors, writers, sportsmen, film makers, etc – after being chained by the new world order leaders by blood sacrifice, worship of Satan and his demons and by evil wealth transfer plus the promise of being princes and princesses in that new order (selling soul to the devil, willfully opening their minds to his influence), are shown what has been planned and ordered to spread the message worldwide via their various works as well as corrupting the world with vices because a corrupt society is easier to control, as it was in old Rome. So they promote all these and the vices through music, movies, books, animations, social media, etc.

The End of the World
Both sides have their definitions of the world’s end.
Their definition is this: the world ends when the old world order makes way for the new world order. This means the old world order of nations will end, making way for the one world government without nations but states, with some as royals and the rest as peasants in a caste system similar to that in Hinduism. The UN is the tool for actualising this. The experiment for this has been successfully carried out, with the United States of America where each of the 50 or so states was and operated originally as a nation but negotiated its entrance into the USA under one president. This experiment successfully ended with the 9/11 event. The main project will now be carried out on all of the world, where nations and nationality will dissolve into states of the new world, or empire, is stages from nations to regions to continents to one world. (imagine Mexico, Canada becoming two states among the others of the USA!) Strong nations will negotiate their joining the union with compensation, weak nations will join without negotiated compensation while stubborn nations will be coerced or forced to join by war (third world war?). When this happens, the world (as we currently know it) would have ended and a new world would emerging, and there will be a new mindset for the world, without the divisive type of religion that prevents men from serving and worshiping the state. This project is to be realized with diplomacy, as the first attempt to achieve the one world government with violence using Hitler failed woefully because a few strong nations where not carried along or allowed to negotiate their place and fought against it. Both scenarios have been funded by the same group – a union of capitalists, financial and old royalty powers of the world.

For the other side, the world will end when this new world order has established itself but must then confront and lose to an host of army led by Christ in a war of Armageddon that will end the reign of this new world order and bring in a rule of love new earth.


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