JEANS – Author|Franchise|Stories|Brand

Originally in labor but now in restful work, Jeans returns in enterprise to move the world with grace nearly same way workmen’s-wear-returning-as-fashion-favorite blue jeans conquered the planet by transforming from grass to grace. For a reason, a purpose.

The Ministry of the Jeans, franchise author and entrepreneur – the second coming of the Jeans, writing star! The Miracle of Jeans, and of Jesus who, at the age of 30, after having led a sheltered life, left home and entered the streets, with a message of Salt and Light, forming a gang of 12! Yea, Jesus is my homeboy!

Do you wear jeans? Now, do you know Jeans? Do you read JeAns? Have you read or do you know his story, both real, fictionalized or loosely-based? How do you know him as an author or a person brand? Heard about the “Jeans Kings” yet?

The author, the person

First he came with a different moniker. Now he returns, after a 5-year hiatus, as Jeans – his primary tag being JeAns, creating the Jeans Kings, by inspiration.

His message is the message of Light, of Jesus Christ – that Jesus is King – and of youth enterprise, FaithWorks, Jesus-driven fraternal core peer youth group enterprise, just as Jesus and his 12 disciple-partners accomplished much more than John the Baptizer, charismatic sole proprietor. Forever young for all eternity God guarantees with liberty, enterprise and paradise with all possibilities as only a youth can envision and live out – find out how – only in Jeans Kings! With this Jeans therapy, you will be driven to transform your life from grass to grace, rags to royalty, from peasantry to prince, yourself. Never forget – you work out your salvation yourself, the Holy Book says.

Jeans began writing a few years ago. Born in Gboko, near the confluence of the great Rivers Niger and Benue in Middle belt Nigeria in the 1980s, traversing the length and breadth of the Nigerian landscape before growing up in the ghetto of Lagos where fatal gang battles used to break out every other day in and around the clusters of community secondary and primary schools – his very neighborhood – which now hosts effective representation for every campus cult group available in the Nigerian tertiary education system – but determined to make his way out of an environment affecting a peace out of chaos mentality that stood him out everytime and caused envy, he attempted to stay as far away as possible from the hard core street life but soon looked upon as different, his being God fearing mistaken for weakness in the streets, of which certain close friends and girlfriends chose to see as and take advantage of an easy gullible target. But conflict with a troublesome group over a girl but really out of envy let it be known that he was far from weak. He stayed on.

His Nigerian name meaning “Iron-strong king according to God” as he defines it using the different facets of the word, personifies Rest and peace out of chaos, the scar on his head but a reminder of how things used to be.

His Rest paradigm of reality is presented through Jeans Kings so many can live it and exit the street’s chaotic miseries. Now he enters the streets, the online active streets first before main street, forming a gang to spread the message of transformation and revolution.

Though currently consulting for a couple of organizations, Jeans is working to complete a new mind program manuscript.

THE CHARACTER (from the story franchise)
As the game begins, Jeans is cool, calm and collected, and minds his businesses almost to the extreme. Connected persons – members of a more secretive, most fearsome fraternity on campus plan to and beat him up, constantly, because of a girl, because they can, and because he doesn’t fight back, or can’t fight back. But little do they know they are messing with the most dangerous smooth-as-silk strongman – only because he’s ultimately secretive about it.
And in just 24 hours, it all explodes, and all hell is let loose, as it all goes down on campus and neighborhood … in excess!

Jeans aka Igwe, is a faithful young entrepreneur, loving God and creating great wealth along with like-minded core peers. He doesn’t mess with girls and loves just one who is really worth it. But some people will always get jealous of such truly royal persons like Jeans and friends …
But Jeans can take care of himself! Because he’s strong!

What is the “Jesus Mask” and how do you wear it?
The Jesus Mask is the personality and kingship associated with Christ – his right/crown to rule.
For once the mask is strapped in place all trace of its owner’s or wearer’s expression, of his thoughts and very feelings, disappears. And all that remains is that of the mask. For to wear a mask is to give up who we currently are and to become, perhaps for just a little while, perhaps for rather longer, that persona that the mask itself appears to represent.
The mask. The mask of jeans. The mask of Jesus. Wear Jesus – your mask and become like him. And be reborn. Born again! The rebirth.

The truth is, after so many years (of wearing this mask), you begin to lose more than just your appetite for sensual pleasure gratification. You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it. You forget you have been a sinful weakling under the attack of the world’s systems, influences, lack, sin, and now expresses the full dominion over these things and take authority as Jesus has. And finally, finally, when your time is come, as your final enemy – death – rears its ugly head, you are not afraid but show confident dominion. When the instant you feel the life drain out of your body, you find yourself next alive to a glorious, resurrected life by God’s power, death defeated and scampering forever away from you!


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