Jeans Kings – revolutionary urban pop-fiction franchise by Jeans for changing mass-scale young adult mindset with FaithWorks

Jeans Kings … Get Strong!
“Jeans Kings®: The StrongMan”

The Setting

Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God! Noble men respect nobility but violent men respect violence.
Strong men retain wealth! Money is not wealth but only a symbol of wealth and only the strong can discover, own and keep wealth! So get strong and own wealth-making systems!

We wear Jesus; we wear jeans! Socialize and party but not showy. Fine and rich, drive the best cars, much cheddah, legit businesses, own enterprises. Learned and love learning. Godly and got power to getting wealthy. Honorable and noble. Never joke with relationship with God for we are altars. Pretty talented, gifted and graced but do not hug the limelight or get highlighted. We are the Jeans Kings and Jesus is our King!

Babylon is Rising Again, getting BIG! Need for this generation’s Babylon Four, an Esther in Persia, a Moses in Egypt. There’s need for a Joseph to come to Egypt so the children of the new covenant can have refuge in the coming deluge! There’s need for the rebuilding of the temple. There’s need for the awakening and rise of the Jeans Kings, the Jesus Kings! The persons, young persons especially in love with God, who can think for themselves, and finding Jehovah God really does live, as well as Christ.

The Miracle of Jeans, and of Jesus
Forever young for all eternity God guarantees with liberty, enterprise and paradise with all possibilities as only a youth can envision and live out – with one brotherhood, encapsulated in the Jeans Kings.

One goal of this is to rewrite or rescript your life story, and with the Jeans Kings, you will find it easy to do it yourself. Old script was to think of money, and ending up in labor, moving from job to job, placed under slavery and subjection while collecting wages and salaries that didn’t go anywhere. But since when the script has been rewritten to think of good, legit wealth, of systems that continuously churn out productions whether one is there or not, and producing money only as a symbol of wealth, the mindset has been reprogrammed! Same situation, different realities. You can do it yourself too.

The Jeans Kings core peer fraternal group enterprise, like Jesus going about his Father’s business with 12 disciples and accomplishing more baptisms than John the Baptizer who started before him, leverages on the strength of its partners to achieve great things much more than sole proprietors and 1+1 does not equal 2 but like 101. It’s not a competition thing but about accomplishing more. These partners are select individuals led and driven by the Spirit to work the temple while God multiplies their vineyards. This is to work out a purpose for God as they are fraternal Christ-followers being put in strategic positions for the welfare of God’s flock. With this Jeans therapy, you will be driven to transform your life from grass to grace, rags to royalty, and you can even do it yourself by following the example set in the Jeans Kings.

Everything about the persons and priest kings along with their enterprise-with-faith beliefs is perfectly captured in the Jeans Kings story franchise comprising books and films and music and more.

In JK:The StrongMan Original – 100 Fraternal Enterprise CEOs, you meet and familiarize yourself with the Jeans Kings.

In JK:The StrongMan Prequel – How To Rise, like the subtitle says, shows you how to rise, how to transform yourself into a Jeans King, and take your destiny into your hands, working in tandem with God of the universe.

In JK:The StrongMan Sequel – Enemy Within, you encounter the scenarios that will greatly test your faith and your resolve as you encounter enemy strongmen who have the government behind them as they attempt to convert you and failing, try to take everything away from you. And you learn how to stand strong, at the end, in open faith and hope and love.

Entrepreneurial Workmen’s Wear plus Fashion Favorite and Deluxe Denim, Jeans Kings conquers the planet, transforming itself, and transforming others, from grass to grace, peasantry to nobility.

For everyone at Jeans Kings, what is created in people’s minds is jeans as symbol for godly youth entrepreneurs, globally, using Jeans as CEO. The JeAns Kings look is very much about cutting-edge, urban living with an emphasis on youthfulness, creativity, enterprise and urban lifestyle with godliness, Jeans Kings combining the finery worn by true upper class with the zeal/drive of the peasant class used until shredded through, leaving no trace as it eliminates the distinction and merges both divides – we are talking mentally.

Jeans, Jeans Kings, is not to be associated with pleasure activities of people or with teenage rebellion but as a symbol of youth, ideas, individuality, personality, enterprise, learning and leisure, with godliness, globally – this new youth market reflected by Jeans Kings fulfilling Africa, America, Europe and Asian societies, sometimes via the Diaspora.

Any rise of Jeans Kings can only be attributed to Grace and influence. After James Dean popularized them in the movie Rebel Without a Cause, wearing jeans by teenagers and youth and/or young adults
became a symbol of youth rebellion during the 1950s but Jeans and Jeans Kings in the book Jeans Kings: The StrongMan represents for young adults a symbol of godly youth enterprise in the age of global unemployment and decadence.

Starting in the 1950s, jeans, originally designed for
cowboys, became popular among teenagers the same way a lifestyle of Christ originally designed for the Jews becomes energy for young adults globally.


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