Originally workmen’s wear but now fashion favorite, blue jeans have conquered the planet, transforming from grass to grace.

Via an authentic Jeans Kings dream and spirit reflecting a globally-needed dream, drive and spirit, successful youth group enterprises are shown to all via several stories, street stories – encapsulated in Jeans – as Jeans Stories, under Jeans Story.

Jeans Story incorporates the most modern publishing organization, technology and skills to produce outstanding products. We aim to publish and produce the best books, music, films and other media all locally with the best technology globally. We do ebooks well too. Our authors, music stars, actors, proofers, profilers and researchers, editors and pr staff aim to be the best at what they do.
Jeans Story only does reVolutionary street stories that inputs godly enterprise into the mind of its audience. It’s also a fully fledged label venture of A+H Publishing, and also publishes LingerieStory books as well as Jeans Magazine. All publishing is local while printing is outsourced. Distribution and publicity/promotion/advertising is often by partnerships.

The street stories of Jeans Story tells of faithWorks, student-entrepreneurs and student-workers as well as the Jeans Kings spirit and dream in its drive to transform young adults from dependency to freedom through enterprise.

Street stories with purpose and mission:
Jeans Story and Jeans Kings Full Fiction and Jeans Story Shorts & Flash is creatively dedicated to driving the youths, males mostly, to man-up and become strong and rise above subjection, limitations and dependency and embarking upon revolutionary liberating enterprises while loving God.
It creates and provides young-adults and adults with the right atmosphere for beginning, provoking or initiating the much-needed manning-up by youths.

The stories chronicle emotional, mental, physical and social reactions of the protagonists to possibly crippling situations and how it comes to dictate their decisions, actions and reaction by affecting their perception.

The JK Spirit, the JK Dream – the enterprise revolution
The world today is like it was in the early 1920s where almost anyone including you can become the Leyman Brothers, the GMs, the Barclays Bank. The main difference is that by that period, the whole of Europe was practically indebted to the US for supplies used during the First World War and couldn’t pay unless Germany paid Europe for debts incurred liberating Europe from Germany’s industry-induced expansion policy. But Germany was broke. So America, and American lenders especially, were needed to structure the debt and its repayment. For this, small US firms got the opportunity to do big business across continents. And through America, access to the commercial sea Europe, originally held by the noble class, was granted because the nobles were by now greatly indebted to America. That way, America began its capitalist rise!

Though there are serious issues, the world today is most fertile and fruitful for just about anything, including enterprise but most importantly, there is a prime gateway into the commercial sea of peoples and resources of Africa, which, along with a few other developing regions of the world, represents the future wealth source for the world. So, you can become CEO of any kind of enterprise and succeed, if you know what you are doing. And if you own the can-do mindset and spirit, despite whatever odds. That’s the JK Spirit, the JK Dream, and You can discover yours via the Jeans Kings as presented through Jeans Story. With this Jeans therapy, you will be driven to transform your life from grass to grace, rags to royalty, peasant to prince.

Under this Jeans Story street story label, we will be bringing you several life-revolving street stories with which you can use to transform yourself. Some of our Jeans Story street stories franchises will come with book, film, tv serial and music. We will be signing on several stars to produce these stories, films, music, and more.

The very first Jeans Story street story franchise is branded “Jeans Kings” and created and written by our very own CEO, Jeans who is gifted with the special grace and ability to drive people with his words. Jeans Kings is almost a classic book-turned-into-film trilogy but much more than that.

Vive le Revolution! as you get strong and get transformed.

Originally workmen’s wear but now fashion favorite, blue jeans have conquered the planet, transforming from grass to grace.

It was always languishing in the backwaters of Nimes in France and Genoa in Italy. Historians have long traced jeans’ ancestry to two sources outside the United States: a sturdy fabric from the French city of Nimes — “de Nimes,” hence “denim” — on the one hand, and a cotton fustian from Genoa in Italy — “Genes” in French, becoming “Jeans” in English — on the other.
The blue jeans was born amidst the gold rush. In 1853, the California gold rush was in full swing, and everyday items were in short supply. Levi Strauss, a 24-year-old German immigrant, left New York for San Francisco with a small supply of dry goods with the intention of opening a branch of his brother’s New York dry goods business. Shortly after his arrival, a prospector wanted to know what Mr. Strauss was selling. When Strauss told him he had rough canvas to use for tents and wagon covers, the prospector said, “You should have brought pants!,” saying he couldn’t find a pair of pants strong enough to last.
That need, when fully met, led to the birth of modern blue jeans.

Coming from the old world Europe into the new world America, initially, jeans were simply sturdy trousers worn by workers, especially in the factories during World War II.

After James Dean popularized them in the movie Rebel Without a Cause, wearing jeans by teenagers and youth and/or young adults became a symbol of youth rebellion during the 1950s. Because of this, they were sometimes banned in theaters, restaurants and schools.
Nowadays, however, jeans are worn to many types of venues and events, even some events that ostensibly require formal attire.

During the 1960s the wearing of jeans became more acceptable, and by the 1970s it had become general fashion in the United States for casual wear. The casual drug use of the era led to the addition of a “pill pocket” inside the right front pocket.

Acceptance of jeans continued through the 1980s and 1990s to the point where jeans are now a wardrobe staple, with the average North American owning seven pairs.
Currently, jeans may be seen worn by people of all genders and ages.

The name “jeans”, however, was not officially adopted until the 1960’s. Levi Strauss and Co. recognized that it had no choice, as this was what the product was being called by the young, leisure loving teenage boys. The history of “waist overalls” continues as the history of blue jeans. “Jeans” is now generally understood to refer to pants made out of a specific type of fabric called “denim”.

The rise of the popularity of jeans after the WWII can greatly be attributed to the influence of the film and music industry. This effect is not hard to understand, as even today fashion trends are greatly influenced by what highly publicized celebrities choose to wear. The history of blue jeans in the second half of the century can be traced to the celebrities that used denim.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s the hippy movement embraced them, and the trend to personalize and embellish jeans began. The history of blue jeans gets linked to the downfall of communism! Behind the iron curtain, jeans became a symbol of “western decadence” and individuality and as such were highly sought. Hip-huggers, bell-bottoms, Baggies, and elephant ears were the craze. Pre-washed jeans were first marketed.

In the 1980’s the history of blue jeans was transformed forever. Denim debuted as high fashion. The term “designer jeans” was coined. Sergio Valente, Jordache, Calvin Klein were amongst the first to create slimmer, tight, butt hugging jeans.

In the 1990’s, although denim was never completely out of style, it did fall “out of high fashion”. Denim was still hot, but the new generation turned to other fabrics as well as other styles (khakis, chinos, combat, carpenters and branded sportswear).

Now Denim is everywhere. Denim is back on designer’s catwalks, on accessories, home collections, and designer jeans by the hundreds of labels. Price barriers have been broken. Washes and finishes, embellishments, destroyed and distressed jeans, ultra low rise jeans, … the palette available to designers offers limitless possibilities, and the market appears to never bottom out. The history of blue jeans continues.

Denim at its most basic is a simple cotton fabric – but it’s created one of the most enduring and beloved fashion items in recent history – jeans. Denim inspires debate and passion amongst designers and fashion lovers, and there is equal passion in the debate around its beginnings.

This only increased further in the 1930s, when the era of Hollywood westerns arrived, and Levi jeans became a high status fashion item, associated with the freedom and individualism of cowboys and the glamorous actors that played them. Heavy advertising spread their popularity across America and overseas.

In the Second World War, American GIs were known to take their favourite jeans overseas for action, to keep them safe! After the war, Denim pants became increasingly associated with leisure activities of American people. Zippers began to be used in the 50s, and jeans became associated with teenage rebellion – being featured in films of the time, and banned from many schools and colleges. During this same decade, the company began to export its products worldwide as word spread. This new youth market was reflected in the name ‘jean’ being formally adopted by Levi’s in the 60s, as jeans flooded Europe and Asian markets, and became a symbol of youth, ideas, individuality and leisure.

By the 70s, flares and bell-bottom jeans were king, with heavy advertising and marketing continuing to increase the market. Decorated jeans became an early craze in 70s America, making jeans the canvas material for expressing personality. In the 80s, bleached, ripped, skin tight and faded jeans came into fashion – and the designer jean was born – nowadays the world’s biggest celebrities all wear jeans, and this staple item is featured in innovative new ways in every catwalk collection.

The look is very much about cutting-edge, urban living with an emphasis on youthfulness, creativity and urban nightlife.

It will be fascinating to see where these cultural emblems go next – only one thing seems certain, and that is that jeans will continue to inspire design innovation and fashion – and will never go out of fashion.

Art historians believe they have found a piece of the centuries-old puzzle in the work of a newly discovered 17th-century north Italian artist, dubbed the “Master of the Blue Jeans,” whose paintings went on show in Paris this week.

But unlike the finery worn by the upper classes, the clothes of the peasant classes were used until shredded through, leaving no trace.

“In people’s minds, jeans used to be all about Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, about the United States,” he said. “Nimes or Genoa? I don’t have the answer. But it’s amusing to think that jeans already existed in 1655.”

This is the story of the transformation of jeans from workmen’s wear into deluxe denim.

It’s the perfect street story in what we have tagged Jeans Story.

Vive la Revolution! as you get strong and get transformed.

THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (religious, physical and social)
Due to religious subjection to the pope and physical subjection to the kings and noble class in Europe, little by little, groups of people prefer to cross the high seas, leaving the sea of Europe and moving towards the desert of the Americas to settle and enjoy freedom and liberty. Over time, via a war for liberty, these men, settling in different areas that became states, had to overcome a monarchical Britain seeking to continue enforcing its political subjection of people who have attempted to flee its bondage.
And becoming the United States of America, throwing up such great men as John Locke, Abraham Lincoln, and other such! To ensure this subjection to the pope and to the monarchs never crossed their path ever, the USA made the famous declaration of independence:

“We the people”

THE BRITISH REVOLUTION(industrial and social)

THE FRENCH REVOLUTION (social and political)
Louis XV(who said and lived “after me, the deluge!”) and Louis XVI.
Peasants and Royals of this world.
Count Beaumache and The Marriage of Figaro.
Mozart who showed it despite censorship by turning it into an opera.
“New men knocking at the door”.
Marie Antoinette.
The goddess of Reason/statue of Liberty or Freedom.
The two witnesses.
27 year old Napoleon Bonaparte takes the throne.
“The revolution in action”.
French gift of the Statue of Liberty (goddess of reason) to America and its significance.

The Stories & Threads:
Jeans Kings (JK), Take That Throne! (+++), Skinny Jeans, Saints & Virgins, Crowns & Thrones, Cowboys and Buccaneers – The Red-Tie Cowboys, Big Deal, Blue Deal, Blue Fire!, BluePrint, Bluebloods, Done Deal, Jeans Street, The Jeans Guy, The Guy in Jeans, The Van Heusen Deal, Big Time, The Street Kings, The Street Smart Lady Lawyer, The Living Jeans, The DealMaker, Join John,

Street stories with purpose and mission:
Jeans Story and Jeans Kings Full Fiction and Jeans Story Shorts & Flash is creatively dedicated to driving the youths, males mostly, to man-up and become strong and rise above subjection, limitations and dependency and embarking upon revolutionary liberating enterprises while loving God.
It creates and provides young-adults and adults with the right atmosphere for beginning, provoking or initiating the much-needed manning-up by youths.
The stories chronicle emotional, mental, physical and social reactions of the protagonists to crippling situations and how it comes to dictate their decisions, actions and reaction by affecting their perception.

“The StrongMan”
A Jeans Story by Jeans
“Jesus Christ! What happened here?” the pretty girl asks. Empty bullet shells lay all over the ground. She looks at the house. Nearly all of the windows are gone. Quickly, Peace-Chidera steps off the motorbike, opening her bag at the same time to get out money for paying the fare.

“Take That Throne”
a JeAns Story by Jeans
“You have to come with me, sir,” the lady in the red pencil skirt and fluffy white top who he has just observed walking towards him, says to him. This really cool, 29-year-old young man gathers his folder and follows her out of the reception of the government ministry. His company had put in a bid for the advertised contract but he was surprised to get a call from a top official of the ministry requesting him to come to their office today as this is way ahead of the given date for bids to open. But here he is, to find out what this is really about.
A door swings open and the pretty receptionist or secretary ushers him and the girl in towards the fat, pot-bellied, middle-aged man now standing behind a large oak table, extending his hands for a handshake.

“Take a look at this.” he shoves the folder to him.
The young man opens the unmarked folder to find it contains his company’s bid documents. Plus a text-filled sheet of paper not originally in it. He pores over this.
“What does this mean?” the young man asks when he finally looks up.
“Just what it says.”
“I have the contract?”
“You have been officially chosen to receive this contract, after our own in-house due diligence. We have heard so much about your exploits.”
“But this is fraudulent.” he looks at the paper again. “Is this group the same one I’ve heard about?” he asks.
“It is not fraud. We do it all the time. That’s the procedure in government business. I shake your hands and you shake mine. They won’t know and you will make a lot of money. Come take the oath and join our group. They call us a cabal now. We hold the power in this country.”

“I started my enterprises without stealing a dime from anyone.”
“Yes, yes, I know. You’ve worked hard all your life. Now it is time to make wealth by grace.”
“By grace I agree. But not like this. This is not how grace functions. This is corruption.”
“Corruption? Where? You’re one of the best qualified. We give you the contract.”
“But you say I have to resubmit my bid and increase the cost then kickback the excess to you.”
“Perfect! You get the picture.”
“I’m a king who has dominion, I do not then see why I have to defraud the people and join a gang just because I want to make some more money!”

You know, after this, you do not expect to be on the shortlist. Consider it a given that your company has failed in its bid!”
“I won’t. If the assessment is fair, my company will come out tops.”
“Probably so. But after this it won’t, I guarantee you that.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means we are failing your company.”
“Even before bidding opens?”
“Even before bidding opens. Just as you have come here today, someone else will be here tomorrow. And I bet you they will grab at our offer with both hands.”
“I cry for Nigeria. Goodluck to you guys then.”
“Goodluck to you too. And watch your back.”
“Sure. I won’t ask what that means. But bullets don’t kill me!”

“The Last of the Baby Kings” by Jeans
The Pre-Jeans Kings Era story
Some time ago, a small group of friends was formed. In this phenomenal group were names like Xtian, Tunde, Val, Victor, Emma and Jeans. They were the finest young men with ambition and great belief, attending a good school and dating the best girls. Everyone envied them.
Then a need to rise, to grow up, to mature, arose. And everyone began making arrangements. They all got strong, and had a game plan for the future. But then there also came an unexpected war with envious outsiders, a great war indeed. At the end, an enemy life was lost, and the group became fugitive, running from avengers and the law.
Xtian and Victor fled to Sweden.
Val went to Malaysia.
Tunde went to the UK.
Emma disappeared completely, later surfacing in South Africa.
They all had become connected gangsters.
Leaving only Jeans to face the mega onslaught!
I am Jeans.
This is the story of how Jeans came to be alone before he founded the Jeans Kings!

“Brotherhood of the Four JeansKings” by Jeans
This is a family story for Jeans, before the Jeans Kings era but after he became Jeans, how the Four rose from isolation, weakness and dependency to become a fraternal family empire and kingdom.

“Skinny Jeans”
a JeAns Story by Jeans

“The Fraudster”
a JeAns Story by Jeans
“He just paid in $500.”
“When did he say he’s paying the balance?”
“He didn’t say.”
“But when did you tell him to?”
“Latest two weeks from today.”
“Okay. That’s good. You’ve done really well. So come out tomorrow so we can go pull out the money. Bye.”
“Yeah, bye.” He cut the call, smiling to himself, feeling good with himself.
“Money is good,” he says aloud. “I’ll make so much money this year.”
His flatmate turns to look at him. “419 does not pay, Uzor.”
“Who says? I just made $500 in one day. Cool cash. How much have you made in the last one year with your non-stop search for jobs?”
“I’m not a fraudster.”
“I know. I’m am a proud fraudster.”

“It’s easy for you to say. I have no family and fraud is easy. Maybe if I have your Jesus I may not do this but I don’t. Besides, have you never read Mario Puzo’s The Godfather? The entire system of the world is built on corruption that is made legit afterwards!”

“The Gangster”
a JeAns Story by Jeans
“I don’t like seeing this gun,” the wide-eyed girl, who can pass for attractive to some, says. “I’ve told you that before.” They have just finished having sex and are both naked on the bare bed, the girl’s breasts showing bite marks from when he put his teeth to her nipples. “Why don’t you get a part-time job to help with your school fees? Why must you rob people because you need money?” She so hates cultists and thieves but she knows she can’t afford to leave him. Not right now.
“Stop complaining. Do you want to start nagging me now because you have gotten the satisfaction you came here for?” the guys says. He knows she would have left him long ago but for the mere fact that he thoroughly satisfies her in bed like no other has ever done. For this, she would always return to the one room off-campus apartment he shared with two other guys. He knows her class would not normally go out with someone like him.

“Judge me if you want, baby, but when you’re being bullied in school by small boys, your properties constantly taken off you and your girlfriend raped in front of you by the same small boys wielding guns because you are not a strongman, it is a no-brainer that you will join a cult the very moment the opportunity is presented to you!”

“Cool Blue Fire” a JeAns Story by Jeans

Like it has been said before, the war is not between Black and White, but between Blue and Red. Blue is the color of justice. Blue is also the color of Jeans. Red is the color of mercy. Red is also the color of blood.
The hottest stars, along with the fieriest and fiercest fires, are blue, and not red like you may wrongly believe. Cool blue. Seeing them, you will never know this! You could most likely mistake them for just the opposite, and may or may never be forgiven for this slight. The most poisonous animals are the coldest and most cold-blooded. Don’t try to find out for yourself; you may not live to tell the story. Check the Discovery Channel, if you will. These are the most dangerous enemies to have. And I know some persons just like that too, minding their own business, looking for no one’s trouble, going their own way, until …
That is, until you overstep your bounds! There’s no fury like a cool blue fire forced to explode! Ask those who survived Hiroshima. And ask cowboy, after he bought the fury that is Jeans!

“Jeans Street”
a Jeans Story by Jeans
To rob the big house, a fortress, they first break into the neighboring building and take the young man and his female friend hostage, then proceeding to begin making a huge hole in the wall. But they find that the young man has been plotting a job on the house too but for way longer than they have and with better equipment, plans and knowledge. It didn’t take long before the young man takes over leadership of the operation.

Jeans Story Street Stories, Shorts and Flash Collections is created and edited and mostly written by Jeans.


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