Jeans Kings’ Guide to Enterprise
Because Jesus must be born in Bethlehem of Judaea, the Roman client ruler ordered that a census be carried out and every one must register at their town of origin and so Jesus’ parents were forced to move 140 kilometers to Bethlehem were they had roots. And Jesus was born there. Because Jeans Kings must arise out of every corner of the earth to spread to the world even via the Diaspora, the new world order take special interest in required locales and areas/subjects, requiring that these get access in order to become the doorways to destinies.
In consequence, doors and opportunities have been flung open for some enterprising individuals to florish and spread across the world, and the Jeans Kings find advantage in this! Through these, the Jeans Kings do spread!

The Jeans Kings Spirit, the Jeans Kings Dream – the enterprise revolution
The world today appears to be like it was in the early 1920s where almost anyone including you can become the Leyman Brothers, the GMs, the Barclays Bank. The main difference is that by that period, the whole of Europe was practically indebted to the US for supplies used during the First World War and couldn’t pay unless Germany paid Europe for debts incurred liberating Europe from Germany’s industry-induced expansion policy. But Germany was broke. So America, and American lenders especially, were needed to structure the debt and its repayment. For this, small US firms got the opportunity to do big business across continents. And through America, access to the commercial sea Europe, originally held by the noble class, was granted because the nobles were by now greatly indebted to America. That way, America began its capitalist rise!
The world today (despite the created recession) is most fertile and fruitful for just about anything, including enterprise but most importantly, it is the prime gateway into the commercial sea of peoples and resources of Africa, which, along with a few other developing regions of the world, represents the future wealth source for the world.
So, you can become CEO of any kind of enterprise and succeed, making all of the world your market, if you know what you are doing. And if you own the can-do mindset and spirit, despite whatever odds. That’s the JK Spirit, the JK Dream, and You can discover yours via the Jeans Kings as presented through Jeans Story. With this Jeans therapy, you will be driven to transform your life from grass to grace, rags to royalty, peasant to prince.

Jeans Kings’ Guide to Enterprise
Introduction: Youths have the potential to become the strong force in the global economic equation but are severely handicapped in terms of business and technical skill as well as access to resources and crucial business information and opportunities. There is now a global unemployment issue, and organizing is the key to success for youths to get engaged in productive enterprises to create a living for themselves and for others in the march to present and future leadership and to solve the youth unemployment blackhole.

Six Steps to Organizing the JK Core Peer Group
1. Building A Strong Framework
2. Strategic Planning
3. Building A Core Peer Partnership Base
4. Growing & Diversifying Client/Customer Base
5. Sharpening Advocacy & Networking
6. Effective Communications

Exit Strategy – Rules for Disengaging A Partner or Closing Shop

Jeans Kings’ Guide to Enterprise
The Jeans Kings (JK) Core Peer Group Enterprise Network is the organisation created to bring together individuals and groups involved in core peer and similar forms of enterprise. There is a small membership or joining fee for each person or group. The network regularly shows and teaches on how anyone can originate, organise and run a core peer enterprise. You or your group can join the network to advance your enterprise, meet the right persons, grow yourself and learn great stuff.
It organizes seminars, events, parties and workshops on leadership, management, enterprise, marketing and/or negotiation skills, selling, advertising, providing fee-based consulting and advisory services to network members (individuals and groups) and non-members. This it does for partners, groups and individuals interested in bettering themselves and their businesses.


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