“You can’t give what you don’t have” – A Jeans King borns, breeds and raises a Jeans Prince!

The curse upon the earth and the loss of natural dominion of a human is enforced from generation to generation by the conception of the child by a human father and the subjection of the child to the parents at birth. Parents and guardians play huge roles in raising and liberating God’s alternative royals into their destinies. Each human is directly a child to God, transferred into material earth via human parents, and thereby subjecting them to the parents and the curse of bondage from birth. It is the duty of the parents to show them the steps that lead the child into glorious liberty of the children of God and not to further subject them also. If the parent is a bully to the child, then the parent has represented to the child that God is a bully. If the parent is unfair, unreasonable, inadequate, irresponsible, domineering, wicked, unrighteous, or adulterous, then that is what the parent is showing the child that God is. At best, parents are foster father and foster mother to the child, holding forth for God in the material universe. If they do not understand this and do not know enough of how to liberate the child from subjection into liberty, then they should not sign on to become parents and should instead go childless or go learn how to do this liberation before becoming parents.

Welcome to Parental Control, a prime purpose and project (as is the Core Peer Group Enterprise Project) of the Jeans Kings franchise.
NB: A person stops being a child at the age of 18 and so when we say child here, we mean those under 18. As a parent or guardian, you must start doing these right things for your child way before they get to the age of 18!

In their search for liberty and freedom from subjection, the child, curious about most things, will try anything in private. Mistakes are sure to happen, and if the parents don’t know enough, all they will do is restrict rather than guide and lead. And this restrictions results in further subjection.

Parents are expected to make their children strong but you find it is the parents who actually weaken their children in their push to control and rule over them and in their insecurity. And they end up also making the child insecure and further weakening them. The desire for power and authority and control over the child, like the desire of humans to lead, is a dangerous thing indeed!

Each child is born with a crown which is their liberating royalty and symbol of dominion but most parents unwittingly knock off this crown from their child’s head in their ignorant bid to raise them but converting them into subjected slaves to themselves and to the world. Each child of God is not born to become a ruler with dominion, but each child of God is born already a ruler with dominion, right from birth but subjected to the birthing parents. It is the duty of the parents to raise this child with the consciousness that he is king, by Christ, having dominion to rule over circumstances, not subjected to the world. Instead, you find parents plugging their child into subjection and domination by the world, and making them believe the world is a tough, rough and difficult place and that they must have to struggle to make it in life. “The world is hard. You must struggle and hustle to make it!”they say. What a mind job! What a terrible subjecting! What a curse they put on their own child thinking it is good advice!
Tell the child: “The world appears to be hard but you will find it easy to make it.” (Here you are blessing the child rather than cursing him in the belief you are advising him!) “When the world seems or appears to be tough, go into your place of power, authority, dominion, kneel like a prince before a king, you before God – your right knee on the ground, the left foot on the ground, both arms crossed over the left knee, head bowed – and talk to God about your exercising your dominion over the difficult circumstance, over the earth and world by Christ. And let the power flow!”

How art thou fallen from heaven
O Lucifer, son of the morning
How art thou cut down to the ground
Which didst weaken the nations
Isaiah 14:12

A weak leader weakens people. That’s the only way he can continue ruling and influencing them – by making them weaker than he is! He isolates them from nearly every one, makes them totally dependent on him and rules with an iron hand to complete his domination!
You find weak leaders using strong arm tactics, for all they think about is holding on to power. It is not about leading or organizing right and solving problems but about them holding on to power – that’s the mark of the strongman leader. He’s in charge, and however that can be enforced is okay. He will influence and control and manipulate and weaken people to hold on to power. And the usual how is to weaken, intimidate, humiliate, enfeeble, subject the people he leads. How does the territorial animal, say a dragon, or a lizard, or a cock, or even a dog, behave? They brood no competition and insist on being the only male around a galaxy of submissive females. That’s exactly how the domineering leader, or father or mother or guardian acts like. And it follows that they must coerce or force every other person to conform to followership, and raise every other person the way a totally submissive woman is trained, to be subjective and obedient. Their tactics are many.
You find these facts a lot with so many parents, fathers especially. Let me be bold enough to say further that you find this a lot in a lot of fathers of igbo origin, and their children must struggle afterwards if they must survive.

How is a child weakened?

    1. By placing curses rather than blessings on him in the guise of advising him.(“The world is hard and I suffered and struggled before I could make it. You must suffer and struggle and work hard before you can make it. Don’t be lazy.” This is actually a curse!) Parents and adults say this to children, and the lyrics of songs and music videos are used to place curses too! A cursed person has been weakened as he finds that he is struggling even in the simplest of things.
    2. By dispiriting him or attacking his motivation. The body is moved by the mind and the mind is driven by the spirit. A person’s drive, zeal, motivation, inspiration comes from the spirit through the mind to power the body. When the child is constantly verbally attacked, when he is forced not to think for himself and find reason to do things, forced to obey, to submit, to do things, then he loses spirit/motivation and operates his body like a robot.
    3. By physical restriction – a child is always driven to move, to do things by his natural curiosity. He will make mistakes. But rather than guiding him in this, you find parents restricting his movements. That is dispiriting. A dispirited person can never find God or build a personal relationship with Him. A dispirited person cannot become responsible in life or take responsibility for his own welfare and being even in adulthood.
    4. By corrupting his morals – every child comes with a balance in his being between his actions and his morals. When morals are upheld, he feels complete in his being and feels happy in his expressions and therefore truly enjoying his actions. But when his morals are compromised or corrupted, he goes out of sync and feels a shrinking in his being. And this comes with a loss of confidence or zeal, unless he kills his conscience and accepts the corruption and becomes evil.
    5. By use of fear – the use of fear is legendary and very devastating!
    6. By intimidation – This is a favorite tool of weak parents. They are nothing but bullies who enjoy picking on their little child. At every opportunity they show they are stronger than the child and force him to cower by beating him up. When the child knows he’s right but is constantly bullied into submission, he gradually weakens! In old age or as the child becomes an adult, when they can no longer bully a grown child, they endeavour to win or continue enforcing this by claiming “experience” or appealing to tradition and culture.
    7. By backward education

One very evil downside of this weakening of the child by the parents in order to control or rule over him is that not only is the child taken advantage of by the parents, he has also been put in a state where wolfish and predatory outsiders including peers, classmates, friends, lovers, colleagues, employers, employees, salespeople, market persons, service providers, repairers, fraudsters, find it easy also to take advantage of him, of his weakened being, in nearly all areas of life! Even as an adult!

Imagine this – what would have happened if after Joseph had given the dreams interpretation, Pharaoh decidedly enjoyed the seven years of abundance without arranging for the coming recession and two years into the lack, calls on Joseph and thrusts the kingdom on his young shoulders, to come in now, take charge and rescue the kingdom! What would, could, Joseph have faced and done under the circumstance? I find this as the reality all around, especially with people in power, strongman leaders and parents. Imagine you being Joseph! It happened to Charles V and his story is below, under Late Bloomers.
That’s how much pain and agony and suffering and futility the child will have to pass through to try to put things right. And you can’t blame him for wallowing in peasantry and indulging in survival-of-the-fittest behavior and then doing the same thing to his own children! But along the line, someone has to stop this generational curse! You can start now!

See how Jeans Kings raise Jeans Princes and do likewise if you are or going to be a parent. If you have been raised that way, transform yourself into a Jeans King!

In JK:The StrongMan Original – 100 Fraternal Enterprise CEOs, you meet and familiarize yourself with the Jeans Kings.

In JK:The StrongMan Prequel – How To Rise, like the subtitle says, shows you how to rise, how to transform yourself into a Jeans King, and take your destiny into your hands, working in tandem with God.

In JK:The StrongMan Sequel – Enemy Within, you encounter the scenarios that will greatly test your faith and your resolve as you encounter enemy strongmen who have the world’s government behind them as they attempt to convert you and failing, try to take everything away from you. And you learn how to stand strong, at the end, in open faith and hope and love.

As will be shown in the prequel, the steps to rise are pretty dramatic! And so it was for Jeans, who had backwardness and delays but knew he must overcome this! If he had looked back earlier, he would have seen the sign that he would be a late bloomer. Maybe it was destined. Maybe not. But it was shown that it would be so for him, symbolically by his childhood. As a baby, he began walking unusually late, at the age when most babies had gone past walking. Most babies begin walking from 6 months, some earlier than 3 months. Not Jeans!
By 10 months, he was still crawling all over the place but was strong and pulling down those older or walking and beating them up. He was achieving more, exhibiting more potentialities, was stronger than those who were walking and he was cleaner too, neater than everyone else as he would immediately take off any clothing that gets even a spot of stain, brooding no dirt or stain on his person as a symbol of purity – but he wasn’t walking which was what was expected of him at that age.
He was becoming an embarrassment to his family, and his mother was losing heart over it, over him. And as she constantly talked to him about it, tried several different strategies to get him to walk, it was as if nothing was happening, as if no improvement or growth in response to all efforts was happening. Then one day, just as she was about traveling to the village where his condition was to cause her the greatest embarrassment and she had threatened to leave him behind while traveling, miraculously and dramatically, Jeans – without any aid whatsoever and without any sign or attempts, just stood up by himself and walked! And never looked back from that turning point. Now same thing is happening all over again in adulthood – he would also have to be a late bloomer – as long as he keeps the faith.

Late bloomers are adults who find it difficult to take charge of their lives at the time when their peers are maturing and taking responsibility.
Late bloomers are backward and have delays in life – these being the result of having been raised by domineering parents or guardians or leaders and circumstances, no matter what genius or talents they possess.
Archduchess Margaret had a masterful domineering personality, a factor which … helped to make Charles V himself so backward in early years since he was under her care. Charles V inherited a mighty West European empire and ruled between 1500 to 1553 when he abdicated the crown and throne. But first he had to shake off the weakness and backwardness imposed upon him by this dictatorial aunt but never quite did – he even needed her to hold forth a territory for him, and he struggled at the early years of his rulership due to this.
At the age of 17 (his father died when he was only 6, the shock sending his mother mad, leaving Charles in the care of his aunt the archduchess and having to inherit the empire directly from his grandfathers who died before he was 19) he was still a shy, awkward, silent boy with a speech impediment who struck foreign diplomats as half-witted. He who was to rule over so many different races never learnt any of the languages well and so had the greatest difficulty in understanding their problems, and he was given no time to learn how to govern before he had to shoulder all his many burdens when he inherited the empire because the domineering aunt controlled and dominated everything around his life. In consequence, he very nearly lost Spain through inexperience at the beginning of his reign and never quite, throughout his life, caught up with the delays and mistakes of the first few years.
But he did succeed in holding together all his scattered domains, accomplishing what he could by an obstinate refusal to recognize defeat and sheer hardwork when it could have been easier. He struggled to make it, all because he was raised by an aunt with a domineering personality who weakened him even when he had an empire to inherit.
A domineering person subjects people, weakens them, makes them slow and backward, causes delays in their lives, delays their true learning and growth. Anyone raised by such a domineering personality – parent, guardian, ruler, teacher, help – will be a late, delayed bloomer in life, if they bloom at all because they must first shake off this delaying spirit hovering them. This is why a man must leave his father’s house if he must begin the transformation process – to shake off the delay spirit and mindset. This is because most parents are really domineering.
One good thing about late bloomers is that when they succeed in shaking off their delays and get strong, get transformed, they become more successful and more powerful in time than early bloomers – because of where they are coming from.


Four Transformations for Kids

The focus here of the revolutionary steps to transformation is on training a child’s thinking rather than on merely controlling his behavior. It focuses on the following aspects –
The Spirit:
The Mind:
The Physique/Material/Physical:
The Social:

Find out more in the Four Revolutions page.

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child
An aeroplane left on its own will continue in a straight line – and go out of orbit and miss its destination! It needs to be put back into orbit every once in a while.
When a jeans Kings’ child gets out of line, get him back in line! You might have to thrash him if the offense deserves it to bring him back in line. He submits and this takes something away from his spirit. You must return it to him. How? By explaining his action and your reaction reasonably and after he does the right thing, doing something for him that restores his confidence. Take him some place he enjoys and feels proud of afterwards.

Right to be fruitful and to multiply.
Right to have and express dominion.
Right to the blessings of Abraham.
Right to attain royalty or to move from peasantry into royalty.


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